About Us


Our Inspiration
The idea for Yummy Bars came about when friends Anthony Gauntlett and Darren Richards, both single fathers, were discussing their children’s health and the importance of good nutrition. Before long, the conversation shifted to their growing frustration over the increasing lack of healthier children’s snacks available on the market.

Like many parents, both Tony and Darren had been giving their children vitamin supplements as a top-up to their regular diet, which they try to make as healthy and balanced as possible with small and often very fussy children. And, as much as we try to feed them healthy choices, the simple fact is that kids love chocolate (who doesn’t?). In fact, as a nation, we are bombarded with chocolate bars specifically marketed at children.

The problem, the dads found, is that the majority of the options out there are not, shall we say, compatible with good health. Motivated by the challenge of finding a healthier alternative they scoured the streets, shops and even the internet, looking everywhere for a chocolate bar which not only would be lower in sugar, but also contain all the recommended daily vitamins that their kids were currently taking as gummies. After a long search, which even included specialist health stores, they had found absolutely nothing. Or, to put it another way, they had found something: a massive gap in the market.


Our Mission
After discussing the idea with many other parents, Tony and Darren set about developing their own brand of children’s chocolate, which would not only cover these needs but create a much-needed ally for parents in the war against the army of junk food designed to tempt children.

Of course, they quickly realised that if children didn’t actually like these bars, the mission was doomed before it had even got off the ground. And, unfortunately, experience had taught them that confectionery products that are lower in sugar and considered “healthier” alternatives often sacrifice taste in their mission. With children, this wasn’t an option. They had to taste good!

Over a period of time, the fathers met up regularly to test recipes and experiment with flavours in their own kitchens, adding the vitamins and experimenting with popular flavours. The first flavours were Orange, Strawberry and Salted Caramel.

When they were happy with the results, they decided to brave reviews from their strongest critics: their children. The result, a resounding thumbs up - the children absolutely loved them! In fact, that’s how the bars got their name: When they were asked what they thought of these new chocolate bars, their answer was a very favourable “YUMMY!”.

The recipe was then taken to several chocolate manufacturers until they were convinced the bars could be produced to their satisfaction, as well as being produced in a nut-free environment, which was also an important factor. With so many allergies these days, removing any traces of nuts would mean allowing the Yummy Bars to be taken into school as part of a child’s lunch box.

It’s no secret that all children love a good super hero. This is why, as an added touch, the dads decided to harness the adoration children have for fictional characters and name the flavours as Super Heroes; Awesome Orange, Super Strawberry & Captain Caramel, whose mission is clear: to make sure all children enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and a tasty, nutritional diet.